Husky Air Compressors

The use of air compressors spans across many fields including but not limited to; home repairs, car repairs, large and small construction projects. In the repair of motor vehicles, air compressors are used to refill tires and clean some engine parts and many other arrays of functions. Air compressors are also used to power a number of pneumatic tools and can also be used for refilling gas cylinders.

Before committing yourself to buying one either for personal or professional use then it is important that you know the kind of performance and reliability you need. Choosing a Husky air compressor would definitely be the best option as the compressors are designed for high performance.

When choosing an air compressor a number of factors are important to be considered one being the size. Size or capacity is an important as the amount of air stored needs to be taken into consideration and evaluated whether it would meet the requirements needed. Husky air compressors are designed with adequate air storage capacity to satisfy your domestic needs, whether its tire filling or operation of pneumatic tools.

A variety of Husky air compressor models are present for all your needs. The simplest of them being the cordless model which is also is fitted with a radio. Because of them being cordless it is much easier to use them as they are highly mobile for such functions as filling tires and inflating sporting balls. These compressors can also be used to dust surfaces, apply pain using the paint gun or can be used to power small nail guns. The compressor comes loaded with different tips that can be used to inflate tires, balls or air mattresses.

The 1.5 gallon Husky air compressor model is light and portable though not as much as the cordless model. Due to its increased capacity the output is greatly increased and hence more efficient. This model comes with an accessory kit containing thirteen tips for its varied uses.

The largest of them is the 80 gallon model. This model has been designed for heavy duty applications and it surely won’t disappoint. This model can be used for a variety of applications such as sand busting, heavy duty painting and operating of pneumatic tools that require highly compressed air.
The robust design of this model ensures that the compressor withstands all the conditions thrown at it and last even through the numerous jobs it handles.

Compared to other brands, the 80 gallon model Husky air compressor is relatively quieter as compared to the other compressors of the same capacity. Husky air compressors are the only reliable source of air compressors that are powerful enough to handle a variety of tasks whether.