Husky Air Compressors

When you buy an air compressor this equipment is accompanied by a hose. Here is the process for joining them together. Firstly, attach the hose to the compressor. Next, attach any other accessory you may need such as a pressure gauge, a tire inflator or a blow gun to the compressor.
Then, you need to power it up. So, search for an electrical outlet and plug the compressor carefully in order for it to provide air into the container. You can notice that as soon as the compressor reaches the level of desired pressure, then it turns off automatically and it is ready to use. Next you need to find the trigger and press it in order to get the compressed air out of the tank and into the thing you wish to inflate.
Press the trigger continuously if you want. You can leave the compressor on standby if you stop using it for a while. You can also recharge it if you want to use it later or another time. In order to continue your work, follow the same procedure.

How to change the air compressor oil

Step 1 – First of all you have to make sure that the compressor is turned off and it is cool. Then, you should find an appropriate container to use to gather the oil removed from the tank.
Step 2 – Remove the oil dip stick which is often found at the top part of the compressor and then you can drain the oil from the tank to the container at the bottom part of the tank where you can find the oil drain plug. You should wait carefully until the oil drains out and then you can put the drain plug back to close it.

Step 3 – Now, you have to advise the compressor manual in order to find the exact amount of oil you require to fill the tank. Make sure you use the correct amount according to the compressor’s requirements.
Step 4 – At the end, remember to replace the oil dip stick you removed at first back to its previous place.
You can see that the procedure for properly using and replacing the oil of the compressor is not complex. It is simple and as long as you follow the directions correctly the job is done successfully. You have to be cautious and follow the steps correctly otherwise any mistake could cause damage to your compressor.
In case you don’t feel sure you can do this on your own, you could take the compressor to a qualified technician who would be happy to assist you with the oil changing and any other service you may want. In case your compressor’s warranty is still valid, you can take it to the supplier to perform the above services. Otherwise, taking it to a technician is the best and safest for the compressor option even though it would be costy.