Husky Air Compressors

Compressor oil

Carbon build up can be disastrous to your compressor and therefore using a suitable compressor oil is recommended to prolong your compressor’s life. Husky has a specially dedicated section addressing issues concerning oil selection and replacement.

Air pressure gauge

A number of compressors come fitted with inbuilt pressure gauges. Additional pressure gauges are also available and can be easily mounted to the compressors.

Air compressor hose

The hose is a vital component. It is flexible and allows easy flow of compressed air without any risk of breaking. When looking for the hose a number of factors such as durability, length and flexibility are taken into consideration when selecting the hose for a given task.

With hoses the type of air hose fittings whether industrial, automotive style and combination coupler fittings are available and it is vital to carry out a background search to know the most suitable for your tasks.

Air line piping

These accessories may prove very helpful and let you position your pipes in a manner that enables you work efficiently and conveniently.

Air line Filters

Filters are important as they keep your air lines clean. Though compressors come fitted with filters, airline filters improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of your compressor. A variety of filters are available and depending on what you want to achieve their costs may vary and therefore finding those offering maximum protection being expensive is not a new sight.


Lubricators are similar to filters in appearance though they serve a completely different purpose. Their main function is ensuring that the air line is completely and properly lubricated. Lubricators contain a bowl that is filled with the lubricant and when the bowl is pressurized the oil is distributed in minute droplet form.
Lubricators are cheaply available but complex lubricators which can be adjusted for different air flows have been designed for complex airlines.

Portable tanks

Portable tanks have a variety of uses such as temporary storage of pressurized air. They too are available for sale.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Air driers are important components as they keep the moisture away from the tanks. Moisture is a recipe for rusting and keeping it out of the tank ensures that the tank is free from corrosion that mat render the tank unusable. The air driers are mostly used in industrial operations due to their prices.


Noise can be really irritating. The amount of noise produced can be lowered by the use of silencers or mufflers. Silencers are more effective and can reduce the noise levels to a low of 30dB though expensive as compared to mufflers which have a much lower price tag but not that effective.

Husky 12-Piece Brass Air-Compressor Accessory Kit
Brass is known for its resistance to wear and tear. The kit contains accessories made from brass such as plugs, couplers, inflation needles, a blow gun and an air chuck that are used in the various applications of the compressors.