Husky Air Compressors

Nowadays our everyday life has become more challenging and the thing is that we can’t go by without an air compressor. Now the question that comes up is: ‘Which compressor should I choose?’ If you are looking for is an air compressor that guarantees quality and reliability, then search no further. Husky compressor is what you are looking for since it is designed to meet the most demanding requirements. However, keep in mind there are various models suited for different purposes. Husky Air Compressor has earned its credentials in the market equipment. In addition, the company Husky is widely recognized for manufacturing top quality compressors. Air compressors can be accompanied by several support tools that make your work easier such as tire inflators, spray guns, grinding wheels, keys and hammers to name a few. It may take some time to make up your mind on which of these tools are needed for your work, but it should be noted that with the aid of these tools you will save time and effort in your work.

The operating principle behind Husky Air Compressors

The high level of performance is guaranteed since the pump draws ambient air (whether it is in a room, a garage or outside) and this way it enhances the volume of the air that is in the system and produces high pressure air. Reciprocating compressors are based on this principle of sending out air from the closed system of air traffic to the pistons area.

Husky Air Compressors Kinds

Husky offers more than 10 different models of air compressors to choose from. They range from 12-volt pump with a flashlight to the large-sized Husky Pro-175 PSI maximum air pressure.
Mainly two types of compressors seem to have gained the attraction of the buyers: the vertical and horizontal compressors. Their difference is the way the balloons are arranged. The horizontal model has smaller arrangement than the vertical and it is not designed for complex tasks that include mobility. They are equipped with wheels and this way they can moved more easily. Most vertical models, except for the 26-gallon compressor, are not equipped with wheels or handles therefore they are used for stationery work since they can’t be moved around. Vertical models provide more power than the horizontal ones.
Their most distinctive difference is the amount of energy they give to your air tool. To get a clear picture, the vertical air compressor 80-gallon model offers 72.2/25.1 SCFM [standard, cubic feet per minute] of compressed air 40/90 PSI (front square inch). On the other hand, the 8-gallon Husky air compressor will provide easier 40/90 PSI at 0/2.6 SCFM.
Most people based on experience advise that when you are buying a compressor you should choose a model that is a bit more powerful than your current needs. Of course you should also consider how frequently you use it and what kinds of tools you will use before purchasing a particular model.