Husky Air Compressors

After using the compressors for a while like any other machine the efficiency reduces and this is common from the various users. A number of conditions such as overheating, increased noise produced, leakages and reduced pressure have been noted and are as a result of not taking proper care of the compressor.

For efficient and smooth operations, proper care and maintenance is essential. Regular cleaning and replacing of worn out parts is important to ensure efficient functioning of the machine and prevents development of mechanical problems that may be costlier to fix.
As for the Husky air compressor, a number of parts need regular checkup and maintenance exercises to ensure that they are functioning as designed. These vital parts are the air filter, check valve, motor fan and the air tank.
As it is a running, machine, oil is important to lubricate the moving parts and so it needs to be frequently checked and changed when necessary. The oil used will at some point attack dusk and therefore regular maintenance exercise needs to be carried out to ensure that the dust accumulated is removed to prevent clogging of the air compressor. Through examination the oil by a mechanic, it may be recommended that it is changed to prevent recurrence of malfunctioning.

Inside the machine the motor that sucks in air needs to be cleaned on a regular basis as most of the time the sucked air contains foreign particles that may cause harm to your machine or reduce its efficiency considerably if not removed rendering it unusable.
When the airflow shows signs of being blocked, then it can be cleaned by first stripping down the housing to create access to the fan then cleaning it. The air filter traps a lot of dust and foreign particles during its operation in dusty areas. This has a bearing on the overall functioning of air filter as it reduces its performance considerably. If the filter is found to contain a considerable amount of unwanted material it must be cleaned or replaced with a new one.
In a number of instances the non-return valves are found to be either damaged or jammed. Damaged valves reduce the output of the machine considerably as there will be leakages during its running. For safety concerns it is greatly recommended that damaged valves should be replaced rather than repaired. Before installing the new valves, the damaged valve’s residues have to completely removed in order to ensure efficient functioning of the new valve.

A number of mechanics are readily available to help you keep your compressor running but it is important to have it serviced by certified mechanics especially before lapsing of the warranty period.