Husky Air Compressors

There are a lot of air compressors to choose from in the market right now. There are those fit for a small home while there are varieties that are created to suit large commercial buildings. Depending on the kind of air compressor you need, buying one may need you to shell out a hundred up to a thousand dollars. Air compressors are easily available in specialty shops as well as in stores catering to your entire house needs, like Home Depot.

The Husky brand is known for making excellent hardware and construction tools. From hand tools such as measuring tapes to powerful tools such as compressors, Husky carries them and you can be assured of its great quality. The Husky air compressor line is one of those tools made by the Husky brand renowned for its durability and its overall great quality.

One of the bestsellers in the Husky air compressor line is the Husky 30-Gal. Cast Iron Portable Electric Air Compressor. This air compressor model is in the middle range of the spectrum so it might be quite pricey if you are only after a basic air compressor at home. But if you are looking for something a bit more powerful than that but are unwilling to splurge on thousands of dollars for an air compressor, this particular model is right for you. With its twin-cylinder pump’s ability to deliver 3-6 SCFM at 90 PSI, this Husky air compressor is known for being one of, if not, the quietest air compressors currently available in the market.

Its electric motor also has an automatic start and stop feature as well. While this compressor is made from very durable materials, such as a cast-iron pump, 2 semi-pneumatic tires, a heavy-duty handle, Solberg-style intake filter, and oversized gauges of high quality, it is portable enough to be easily moved from room to room. The 30-gallon tank is designed vertically, making it a space-saver you can easily store anywhere.

I first heard about it through a friend of mine who has owned this particular model for years. He said that it was the best and quietest air compressor he has ever used and since I was looking for a new one to replace my old one that is in need of replacing, I decided to heed his advice and get the same model. After all, he has been using it for years without complaint. The store I purchased it said that I can return it should I encounter any problems with the unit so I was not hesitant to get it. Setting it and properly breaking it in before use up was easy, although it should be noted that you should only use the kind of oil indicated in the manual. The oil is available anywhere so it shouldn’t be a problem. It does live out to my expectations and it does the job very well. Even if I use it for hours at a time, I do not encounter any problems with it and I find it very reliable in getting the job done. I use it for different purposes and it works very well each time. The comments saying that this compressor is very quiet held true for me; like my friend, this is the quietest air compressor I have used so far. I can keep it running and stay in the same room and talk to another person without us needing to talk louder to hear each other. For the amount of power it has, it is really surprising how this air compressor can be that quiet. I have owned this for several months already but every time I use it, it still feels like it’s new. With proper maintenance and care, I can definitely say that I see this working with me for a very long time.