Husky Air Compressors

Air compressors have plenty of uses and as such, different models and varieties from different brands are available in the market. The Husky air compressor line, exclusively sold by Home Depot, is known for its excellent quality, its versatility, and its portability. The Husky brand is under the Campbell Hausfeld brand, a name also known for making excellent air compressors albeit at a higher price than that of the Husky brand. Because of the relationship between the two brands, it is not really surprising to see almost exactly the same models being sold by the two brands.

The cheaper between the two brands, the different models under the Husky air compressor line are marketed for those who like to do some do-it-yourself work at home, such as homeowners and those who have their own workshops. In general, the Husky air compressor models are designed for home use only and not continuous use but even with that, users are generally satisfied with the Husky air compressor no matter what model they use.

These air compressors fall into two general categories – the portable air compressor units and the stationary or straight-up air compressor units. Majority of the air compressors manufactured by the Husky brand are of the portable kind.

The portable air compressor units are generally smaller and have wheels installed in the units. The sizes of the tank range from 2 gallons up to 30 gallons. In particular, they have the 2-Gallon, 3-Gallon, 4-Gallon, 8-Gallon, 20-Gallon, 26-Gallon, 30-Gallon, and 33-Gallon kinds of air compressor. The prices of the air compressors that fall into this category range from $49 to $450. The portable air compressor units are either of the oil-free or oil-lubricated kinds. Should you decide to purchase a portable air compressor, the oil-lubricated kind is recommended since these models are quieter and have fewer problems in relation to rust buildup. The specific kind of oil needed in the oil-lubricated units is readily available in the market so it should not be a problem.

The stationary air compressor units have a bigger capacity, with the tank having a vertical design and the compressor placed on top of the tank. Because thay designed to be stationary, wheels are absent in the units. Even if the stationary air compressor units are not as mobile as the portable air compressor units, this is compensated by its space-saving design enabling you to store it wherever you want. The stationary air compressor units are limited to only 2 kinds: the 60-Gallon, and 80-Gallon kinds. However, there are different models under each kind for you to choose from. The price of the stationary air compressor units is a bit on the steeper side, with the cheapest costing $460 and the most expensive kind priced at $2000. Because of the amount of power it can produce, it is often used in workshops and factories.

To make the air compressor unit last for a very long time, care and maintenance is needed. Setting it up and breaking it in properly during first use is important. As previously mentioned, using the right kind of oil for the oil-lubricated kind of air compressors is important. Since these air compressors are designed only for home use, it should be noted that it is not suited for heavy work and should not be ran continuously for hours. Proper regular maintenance is also needed to make sure that the air compressor unit runs smoothly.

Should you need to change some parts of the air compressor, whether it be of the portable or the stationary kind, you can easily do so since parts are user-replaceable and replacement parts are easy to find. Some shops also offer replacement should the air compressor purchased be proven to be defective and the warranty for the air compressors range from one year up to three years, depending on the model.